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25 Cent Scoops at Dearborn’s Stucchi’s Ice Cream
September 13th, 2011
Dearborn’s Stucchi’s ice cream shop on Telegraph will be serving up single scoops of ice cream for just 25 cents today (Sept. 13) between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to celebrate Stucchi’s 25th anniversary.

For three hours, the Dearborn location of Stucchi’s, at 1338 North Telegraph, will provide you a scoop of your favorite ice cream for just a quarter.

Stucchi’s is a locally owned ice cream chain, with stores in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.

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http://www.detnews. com/article/ 20090321/ METRO02/90321036 6/1409/METRO
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at the dearborn post, breast cancer dinner. $10 gets you in, spaghetti, salad, etc.. served (made by the amazing fish of course!). sorry for the short notice but join me!
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Please join us (Merchant's Fine Wine, Dearborn) for our "Taste of the Sunshine" BEER & FOOD (& wine & spirits) event....

DATE Sunday June 8, 3-8PM
PLACE Pavilion- Ford Field, Dearborn
(Yes, the event is raising funds for the Dearborn Animal Shelter)
Tickets available at the store- either come in or phone!!

I will be doing a "special release tasting" at the event *at 4.30PM*
of 7 really unique and new beers from Italy. None have been seen here
before and this will be your chance to taste these.
Two of the beers have been aged in Barbera wine barrels, one is actually
made with Grenache grape must, one is a chocolate beer, one is a chestnut
beer, one is brewed with tea, and the last one is a spectacular saison.

Here's what else to expect from the beer tables (so far)....
Bell's, Stone Brewing, Dogfish Head, Avery, Heavy Seas, Sam Adams, Anchor
Brewing, Atwater Block, Motor City Brewing, Paulaner, Affligem, Duvel, La Chouffe
German beers, more Belgian beers, MEAD. And that's just a start!

If anyone is interested in volunteer pouring (beer) please let me know!

Annette May
(Beer Manager Merchant's)
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